I am a Barak Obama supporter largely for the reason of common sense.  Barack Obama is a fine candidate, just not jaded. Mr. Obama speaks from the heart (and with no need to be as scripted as Ms. Clinton, that alone demonstrates the difference between who is telling the American public "what they want to hear" vs. what they NEED to hear.

We are not who we "think we were" in the world scope anymore and haven't been longer than most care to take the "blinders" off and admit. We will not return to such either, because the the mythilogicalness, of such.

Senator Obama has the best capability to have new, better and problem solving conversations with the world-at-large. Barak's intelligence and demeanor have a greater probability for acceptance across the planet, than would another "typical" American presential type or even a gender alternative version.

Let us get past our justifications and rationals for why we "can't" change and finally move forward without tiptoeing.