put your retirement savings into a fund that invests in environmentally sound companies and start ups

use public transportation and work for clean transportation with your town or city (low emission buses, bike paths, etc.) work on national level for a national public transportation system and lowering of emissions from travel (lower speed limits, regular service stops for electric cars, etc.)

coordinate system between farmers and city customers:for local farmers to sell their produce, eggs, etc. in the inner city regions that have no access to fresh foods

stop building of parking lots, malls, box stores, etc. Put into place new green areas with plants and design that require lowest need for water

each week take one step forward in making your home and life more sensitive to the environment such as: Start using non phosphate clothes detergent; place solar panels on your roof for water heater, write a letter to your congressional representative on environmental topic. After one year and 52 steps forward: enjoy your progress!