The American system seems so unbelieveably flawed that it shocks me there is no strong demand for electoral reform.  Why does it take 2 years to elect a president?  Since this process is so long, and the political campaigns last for months across a vast country, the candidates are forced to raise a lot of money.  Since the easiest way to raise a lot of money quickly would be to get large donations from corporations, lobbyists maintain control over the entire system.  Shrink the time it takes to elect a president, eliminate this drawn out primary practice and decide on a new leader in 2 months tops.  There has been no impeachment of President Bush because the excuse is always given, he only has a year left.  He led your country into financial, political, and moral ruin and you leave him in power for an extra two years?  If the electoral process were shorter, there would not be a distraction from the reality on the ground and maybe, just maybe, Bush would legitimately get impeached.