Religion does not necessarily inspire morality.  The Abrahamic faiths, for example, do not ultimately concern themselves with the well being of members of society but rather pleasing god.  As seen in the scriptures of the three faiths sometimes god demands we be nice to one another, which is moral, but sometimes god demands we kill entire cities except for the women we chose to keep for ourselves.

Because religion concerns itself with pleasing god any morality that comes from religion is subjective...whatever god deems moral.  True objective morality can only come from a concern of what is best for maintaining a healthy society.  Evolution has provided us with a mechanism that gives us the will to pass on our genes to our offspring.  Natural selection has given us a mechanism, called morality, that works to ensure that the environment in which our offspring live is beneficial to their survival.  Religion is an artifact of when we humans survived in smaller societies and attempted to describe morality.  For us to have a sustainable global morality we need to put away the metaphoric descriptions we created with religion and adopt something we can universally accept.  The gene centered, natural selection view of morality is something that is verifiable by observation and experimentation in humans (and other social animals) and therefore is something that has the potential to be accepted globally.  This will give us a global goal of sustaining a social environment in which our children are more sure to survive.