personally I am a social democrat. I believe a democracy that controls a large portion of our basic institutions is best. And I believe in true democracy. In our system little of how we elect our officials is truly democracy. It is really what is called federalism. The Constitution was designed to take the power out of the hands of the lower classes and give it to the better educated wealthier elites of America at the time. Now that we have public education some of which is very good I think we can move away from this elitist run society. However I think government should play a vital role in people's lives. Public education by the way is a socialized institution. There will always be the have's and have-nots but there should be various programs that relieve those that face hardships in this country. Furthermore I think that a centralized federal government is not the greatest system for our growing middle class. I believe more power should be reserved to the state governments who can speak for a much smaller crowd that is in agreement. A centralized government focuses on what is good for the entire country but our country is so big that what may be good for california may not be good for Rhode island. Thats how i feel tell me what you think.