America was once great because anyone could come here and if they had talent and ambition, they could go as far as their abilities would take them. Because America was a meritocracy, our system, and our society rewarded those with talent.

Today, many universities and businesses want to politicize hiring and promotion. They pay little attention to merit. Consequently, for the first time in our nation's history, migrants who come here for an education or for opportunities in the workplace are disappointed and are leaving for home or for other countries. America has become much like corrupt countries of the Third World, where certain citizens are treated as "pets" by the government and corporations, based on their gender or gene pool.

We must return America to a society based on merit. "Diversity" is just another code word for failed quota programs from the past. Here in America, we should not care if every brain surgeon ends up being from India, as long as those surgeons are the very best. Surely if it is you on the operating table, you want that surgeon to be the best, and not the best as determined by some inane government or corporate quota system.

Diversity worship corrupts our society and is promoted with an agenda designed to bring America to its knees.

We can still create a society where every citizen is valued, without having political games played with hiring and promotion.