I think that if someone, perfectly in their right mind, decides that they what to die, they should be allowed to. Of course you shouldn't be jumping for this option - you should try everything you can to improve your life, and give it a lot of thought over the course of several weeks, if not months. There's also, as Womanofvirtue said, others to consider, and if you kill yourself in a fit of emotion, that shouldn't be considered morally acceptable. Maybe if there was some sort of "suicide court" that would evaluate people's situation and decide whether it was bad enough and there was virtually nothing left to do to improve it, they could make it legal. But with this there is the problem that legalizing suicide could lead to this court being flooded with people having a bad week, thinking that, if it was allowed, killing yourself might be a good option. Also, if people are willing to resort to death but don't get the court's approval, they could just go and do it illegally, once the idea is in their head.