Phil didn't change my mind about Palestine because I'm not sure what his argument was.  He talked about conditions Palestinians were subjected to and the amount of land that has been acquired (grabbed) by Israel.  However, I didn't hear his actual argument.  Does he believe that the Jews should pack it up and move away giving all land back to the Palestinians?  Does he believe that concessions should be made?

His assertion that young Jews are turning against the Zionism and unilateral support of Israel seems to be based on his observations at AIPAC.  My own observations (also based on nothing statistical) is that Jews that grow up in the US and have never been to Israel aren't fully supportive of the Zionist movement.  However, once they go over and spend time there, and get an understanding of just how little land Israel has and how hard they've worked to turn this desert/marshland into a thriving country, their support increases.  

Phil points to all the things done against the Palestinians as a justification for their actions (suicide bombings)...but this argument could go both ways, Israel has been invaded, bombed and the Arab world has sworn its destruction, its no wonder their reactions are so severe.   Israel's willingness to concede anything has diminished since the 2nd intifada.  Hamas' end game is not peace with Israel, they don't want to negotiate, and they don't want a two state solution. Hamas wants the destruction of Israel.  By electing Hamas, the residents of Gaza have jumped on board this ideology.  

I don't believe that gives Israel Carte Blanche to kill indiscriminately, but after years of fear and suicide bombings, I understand.

Phil seems to be asserting that because Israel was a "land grab" its illegitimate.  Does that work the same for the US? Canada? South America? Okinawa? Wars suck!  But the 1967 invasion of Israel garnered them a whole lot of land... some of which they gave back in 1973.  There have been plenty of land grabs through out history. Who decides which natives get their land back?  How long does a conquerer have to have the conquered's land before it becomes legitimate?  

All that being said, I believe that the US should become and active participant in the peace process instead of backing Israel on every move.  I believe that less US money should be spent on weaponry for Israel and more money should be spent on secular schools for Palestinians.  I believe foreign investment that creates jobs for Palestinians is needed.  Nothing will change as long as the Palestinians have nothing to lose.  Unfortunately, this past eight years has radicalized both Jews and Palestinians alike.  Its time for the US, and other Western nations to step in and help resolve this mess.  Its a 50 year plan and the sooner it starts the better.