Is Mitt Romney high? Clinton turned a deficit left behind by Republicans, into a surplus. We were at our best as an economy and as a society under Clinton. Reduction in crime, better relations with other countries, more prosperity. What did Bush give? A record deficit. A million Iraqis dead, several thousand Americans dead. A war without reason, rationalized by a series of lies to the American people. America's education system now lags behind. Lost jobs. Middle Class experiencing a declining standard of living thanks to stagnant wages. Republicans try to convince us that job losses are being replenished, but they leave out that high paying jobs are being replaced by minimum wage service jobs.

In short, we've been at our best under the Clinton. We've lost the respect of the world, and we're bleeding our standing as an economy and a society under Bush. That last thing is Bush's little apprentice (ie Mitt Romney) to go on doing what he's done, serving the corporate world and betraying the people.

Only a moron would vote Republican after knowing what we've lost in the last 7 years.