What do we mean by assimilation, multicultural, immigrant? What does it mean to say I have assimilated vs I am multicultural? Who is an immigrant, & to which constantly evolving geographic, generational, religious, economic & artistic subcultures is she supposedly assimilating? How does multiculturation happen, & does it ever end? Who decides "what should be expected" & when the expectations have been met? ...I’m Latina, but I don’t just live in a community or in a country, I live in a world. So here’s my idea: If Big Think is to be global, we'll all be immigrants, crossing boundaries of thought into otherness, picking up each idea, feeling its texture, trying it out, maybe weaving a bit of it into our selves. This is how it feels to be, to become, multicultural: one idea, one experience, at a time; thoughtful, expressive, liberating, alert to possibility. And as this tapestry grows rich, nuanced & inclusive, we just might step beyond the multicultural & into a shared global identity.