[continued from previous post] I would like to see a two-part solution to the two-party problem. The first component is for centrist members from both parties to break off and form their own party. This would break up the power and prevent any one party from gaining majority control. No more strong-arming the rest of the nation. We might even find them making decisions based on what's right for the country and forging compromises that solve our problems. Imagine that. The second component, to be carried out almost simultaneously, would be implementing sweeping changes to bring our voting system out of the 18th century, and into the 21st. This would ensure the long-term viability of this third centrist party and any others currently in existence or ones yet to be formed. Remember that our government is for the people, by the people. When our government fails us, we have no one to blame but ourselves. It is our responsibility to demand and enact change. [end]