[continued from previous post] This has led to crippled representation of the districts that have elected a minority party candidate. The party that controls the legislature can (and has), through manipulating the committee system, silence the voices of millions of Americans. This not democracy at its best. Thankfully, our judicial branch has, so far, repelled any major politicalization, but not without a struggle. We have our voting system partially to blame for the situation we find ourselves in. The antiquated "up or down" method of picking one candidate has been shown, historically, to lead to a two-party system. At present, you can only pick one candidate, so people are hesitant to "throw away" their vote on a third-party. Other nations with more modern voting systems, allowing voters to rank candidates in order of preference, have a tendency to have more political parties, more choice, more debate, more public engagement, more comprise, and more results. [continued in next post]