First of all...I would like to say "Thank You" to Mr. Cohen for even trying to put words to the question..."What is Meditation." It is easy to criticize when you have a different belief from what is stated but there are many minds out there who need a definition and what Mr. Cohen did was attempt to fulfill that need.

To me, meditation is not defined by 1 person or 1 act. It is many things. I think that many people meditate without even knowing that is what they are doing. It could be as simple as zoning out when you are listening to something you are not interested in, it is also that silent place you go when you are running or jogging or otherwise physically occupied, it is that perfect moment in time when you have connected with something larger than yourself and you know you are going to hit your target, it is also when you subdue your conscious thought and reach out for something beyond.

Meditation has many definitions and there are just as many ways to make it happen. But esentially it is giving your self permission to soar...outside of your everyday limiting thoughts or boundaries. In essence, it is freedom.