An infinite number of infinites... a concept very hard to grasp.  are there an infinite number of things? or is it an infinite number of things that could be? and infinite infinites. got it.

 in my opinion, before you dive into the concept of forever and all, one must grasp finitude.  that that is.  a point and place a thing in the now.

it was once said that there are an infinite number of points between two points.

A----------------------------------B. and if i wanted to travel in between these two points then one would have to travel through and infinite number of points, and therefore traveling should be inpossible.  but we all move from here to there, so we'll assume that there may not ACTUALLY be an infinite number of points from here to there but merely a THEORETICAL infinite number of points between these points.

It has also been said that people are incapible of having any thoughts not stemming from a previous idea.  we can come up with a unicorn, but not without using a horse and a horn as the basis for the new idea.  as goes for ideas such as color and substance.  this is not so say that people can't come up with some wild, deep and far out things. we do, but it just means it comes from somewhere. you can only use the notes on the scale.

an exersise to show that we are the results of our reality and finitude it to close your eyes and think of "NOTHINGNESS" not, blackness or emptyness but nothingless, a world that never came to be.  CAN'T DO IT. it's impossible.

but we can think of Forever.

but a forever in the real sense in the finite sense is unattainable. infinity always breaks some rules. rules that bind us to the world that we experience. the past always was and the future always will be and the now is always fleeting.

people have two opinions of how we got here (in space and time) either, we just showed up, or have been around forever, time that recesses infinitly. neither make complete sense.  if we just showed up from "nothingness" what was here before that and how'd that get there? if time has always been happening, then what made it so?

if it was god, which must say it is. because it seems that we are complicated beings in a chaotic universe whith some kind of rhyme and reason. then we have to adress our idea of the all knowing all ABLE being.

The paradox of the stone.  either God can or can't make a stone that he cannot lift. if he can't then not being able to make it is something he can't do, if he can than it's the not being able to lift this giant stone is the thing he can't do. EITHER WAY THE VERY EXISTANCE OF THIS PARADOX CREATES A FLAW IN OUR IDEA OF BEING ABLE TO ANYTHING.

Such as the round square.  it seems that these are some of the things that don't allow us to have an infinite number of infinites.

 on the other hand the theory of infinite worlds creates theoretical universes that everything is possible. there can be a world in which it is possible that god both can and can't make a stone that he cannot lift. so really it's not an issue. yeah right.

it is possible that there is a world out there that everyone is purple and the sky is green and the grass is blue, but again we only have the ability to go from what we know. only able to use our limited ability to grasp the happenings of the world that we find ourselves in. as finite beings.

finite beings that have the ability to "grasp" the infinite or the devine or the perfect. but is something that cannot come into actual fruition because we are bound by the physical universe. a universe with laws and patterns.  patterns that we extrapolate from and create something more. something beyond ourselves.

if someone were to count to infinity, everytime they got to the next number, it would be the limit of actuality itself. 1000000000000000000000001 is the limit only until we keep going, and then that number is the limit. and then the next number and the next and so on and so on FOREVER.


WAS ---------------------------IS-------------------------WILL BE

theoreticall motion shouldn't be possible because there are an infinite number of points between these points. but we all know that that's not true.

keep on expanding those unlimited limited minds!