I was so upset by your message to Dr. Klein.  I was a graduate of I.S. 217 on Roosevelt Island.  Although at that time the building was in between the deli and Westview (down the hill, closer to the river).  It was an experimental school setting with "no walls".  I went there from 1976-1979 (when the island first opened with residential buidlings).  My mother lived on the island until 2002.  The thing was that there was incredible differences in income and cultures even then.  We were not perfect kids by far, but the school was nothing that you describe.  Our school was actually one of the best in NYC.  A model program.  The quality of the staff was also top notch.  What the heck happened?  It saddens me so to visit that island now and see how much it has changed....no open space anymore.  Looks like they are planning on filling every inch of that poor island with more buildings.  I think that if the parents on that over crowded island banded together and demanded answers...things might change.  That poor school has gone down hill once they built the new school building you referred to.  Not sure what happended.  I really do hope that you can fight this problem, because you are right.  With the amount and level of educated parents on that island, you would think that the local school could reflect the population.  It certainly reflected our diversity back in the 70's and early 80's and still was top notch.  Sounds like higher standards should be demanded and voices are heard in numbers.  Sheesh..I remember my mother and her friends back when we were kids fighting and staying strong with RIRA, with RIOC, the school board etc.  The squeaky wheel gets the oil.  Back then Long Island City Highschool was the designated highschool for us to go once we graduated from 217 and the parents fought tooth and nail to get Forest Hills Highschool available to us as well.  Voices are heard in numbers...you git em!!!!