For all who choose to read... 

Prejudice is a fallacy of society
contributed by the ignorance of man.
Music is the doorway
to the inner thoughts of the human race.
War kills your brother, my brother...our brother!
An artist paints yesterday, today & tomorrow.
A man without God is a man searching for God.
When man split the atom, he split the world.
Personal computers will make
the ink pen and paper obsolete.
We have entered the 21rst century...
it will produce a new breed of thinker.
Education is the silver key that opens
a golden door leading to the ultimate platinum card.
Art expresses the emotions
of an individual at that exact moment in time. on the razor’s edge.
Free advice comes with a price.
Brotherhood forms in death.

War is created by politicians who heed
pilfering lobbyist’s rants for corporate greed.
Death of the mortal shell is the beginning...
the essence of eternal existence.
It takes action, speed and wit
to survive a slanderous political hit.
Laugh in the face of adversity...
cry on the shoulder of prosperity.
Beauty beckons, beholds and bonds
the immortal spirit from beyond.
Truth procures a man’s stature in society.
Censorship doesn’t exist in a true democracy.
Bureaucracy is the master of red tape drownings of itself.
A man’s character is defined by his actions, not his personal wealth.
Destiny is the chime
that rings man’s mortal rhyme.
Hell exists on Earth...
mortal man is the creator of evil’s worth.

Oceans deep blue and white majestic peaks;
golden grasslands and evergreen forests;
fresh air and bountiful wetlands;
this is the earth I once knew.
I once was a spiritual man...I use to drink’em well.
My dreams placed fear into the hearts of foes,
and healed my mortal woes.
Life without faith is a life not lived.
Friend or enemy, comrade or foe,
we all drink from the same cask...we all travel the same road.
Fame for the for work well done.
The theory of man’s evolution is an insult to women.
What existed before Creation and the Cosmos?
(That answer is beyond human comprehension.)
To me, heaven is the end of suffering & need;
a place where the immortal soul is freed.
To have the ability to succeed
is to do whatever it takes to proceed.
The solutions for today will come tomorrow...
history is yesterday’s sorrow.