I'm sorry, but as far as I'm concerned, Quebec is an entirely different country. People for the most part speak another language. From what I'm told, the attitude and culture is still very similar to that in parts of France.

 So really Quebec is Quebec. It just happens to be part of a "Union". Canada really is in essence the same thing as the European Union. We all have the same kind of money. Some laws are different like drinking age and such. We speak differently. Each Province is different and some even pretty big compared to most countries.

I'm proud to be part of Canada because all these provinces, groups of Canadians, can coexist in a very peaceful way yet are totaly different by region. As far as I'm concerned, you start by you're family, then you're neigbourhood, then maybe town or county or region or city then you're province or state, then you're country. Perhaps a Union like the EU. The last BIG step we all have to make is the HUMAN RACE. Once we all see that, we can have our different areas, and regions, and groups, and families.

But the point of Quebec Seperating is what exactly? To say they are a country? Fine. Say they're a country. Make all the Provinces a country and make Canada the Union of Canadian Provincial Countries or something. Think outside the box. Governements and polititians lack that skill and it is for that reason everyone hates the government. So that's my rant. Vive whoever the f**k you want. As far as I'm concerned, I'm Human.