Iron, bronze, copper ,paper, glass, rubber, cork, silver, gold, platinum stainless steel, alluminum, plastic, silicon, styrofoam, portland, fiber glass, graphite, lead, clay, titanium, diamond, quartz, denim, cotton are going to replaced by Carbon nanotubes. We need  to design a material with numerous properties, I suspect the material with the most properties will probably have the most functions and will ultimately be the most desired material. I anticipate a universal material for packaging goods. Something recyclable, durable, flexible, rigid, that seals, insulates ,sterilizes conductable, magnetic etc.. So that everybodies trash can contains one material instead of all the materials I mentioned earlier . The less diverse waste materials =  more effecient recycling. I think eliminating the need to seperate the contents of our trash for recycling is key for recycling. Futhermore, I believe by making sure this universal material is compatible with 3 dimentional printers then recycling might become almost obsolete be continued.