The LAMP model (Linux, Apache, Mysql and Php) have been the center of so many web applications these days. But even though these were great tools to be given, the programming world was still very young. We saw that pretty much all web based applications were built from the ground up every single time. This meant you had to be a master in HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySql, etc... Thats quite a bit to know. Not to mention the programming world started to notice they were doing the same things over and over again.

This is where the birth of code libraries and frameworks came from. There are now countless frameworks like Wordpress, CakePHP, Symphony, etc. And code libraries like Yahoo's CSS tools, JQuery, lightbox etc. What these tools allow us programmers to do now is focus more time on logic and features and less time rewriting the basics over and over again. I think the future holds even more advanced tools that will allow us to program in more human terms.