Like it or not, global warming and climate change are real. Man-made? Natual? You be the judge. But come the future, 30 generations or so down the road, there might be just 200,000 "breeding pairs" -- in the famous words of James Lovelock" -- living in Arctic "polar cities". How long will they have to endure there? Who will build and govern these polar cities? Who will be admitted or who will not be admitted? Will there be marauders outside trying to get in? What kind of "civilization" will exist among humans in that fateful time?

I believe that the current generation should start discussing polar cities, planning them, locating them, designing them and perhaps even pre-building a model polar city in Norway or Alaska as an educational tool to alert the public about the far distant future. Will we really need polar cities? I hope not. Is it a good idea to start talking about them now? I think so.

To this end, I have started several blogsites about polar cities (Google the term) and asked an illustrator to come up with a preliminary set of designs just to get the discussion started, pro and con, animated and spirited and intellectual. See the introduction and images here:

I sent the images to James Lovelock in Britain by email, and he replied last week: "Thanks, Danny, for the images of polar cities. It may very well happen and soon."

What's your take on all this?