Pitchbuzz.com is fully functional

Pitch Buzz is a social developmental community that allows members to meet new friends. Formed in 2007 as a beta site, the main objective of the Pitchbuzz.com is to allow members to explore their creative talents by developing games, music, and graphic designs and sharing their projects with friends. Instant message, email, live chat, watch videos, take polls and quizzes, upload and listen to music, and photo uploading are just a few features Pitch Buzz user will have at their fingertips. Members of this site will be pleased with the all the features that can be done on the site. President Todd Ferrell is quoted as saying, "The transformation the site has gone through is amazing. From a beta site to a fully loaded webpage PitchBuzz.com has come full circle."

The Envizions Computer Entertainment Corp. sponsors PitchBuzz.com