When I was in the middle school, I watched a TV program called the love through the time and space; I think it is a funny program. It tells a theft and a police go back to the history and what happened in the century. They have different habits and different money and so on. So I also want to have a try, but I do not want to go back to the last century, I want to go into the online game which I can use the Pirates of the Burning Sea Gold as the real money. One day, when I was playing the game, I stared at the computer screen and did not move any more. I was imaging that I have enter in the game and played some role in the game.

When I first enter in it, I do not know any body in the game, but a girl who has a high level. I let her teach me. I still buy potbs Doubloon for many. Then I followed her and learned after her about some skills. Sometimes I go the wrong place and do not know what to do; she will help me and guide me a right way. Little by little, I have some good impression on her. Every time when I have some good things, I will give it to her and give her a smile, she will give me a smile too. Then we go on the game. Sometimes she will give me some potbs gold when I have not any. Several days later we become good friends and my level is the same high as her with the help of her. I am very happy. But I find I can not regard her as my friends, because I think her as my lover, I love her and I dare to tell her the truth. Once when I suddenly shock her and nearly to tell her, I give up instead of giving back her some potbs Doubloon. She is surprise and says she does not need, she have so much. My face soon turned red. Then we all say nothing seems like she understand my meaning.

The next few days, we tacit understanding in the game, I finally courage myself tell her I love her and whether she can be my girlfriend. She agrees with me. I am happy and give my potbs money all to her. I tell her mine is yours. She smiles.

I have a love through the time and space, it is the online.