From a big bang of energy, to the coalescense of matter (bundled up knots of energy), to the formation of advanced material structures (atoms, molecules, crystals), to the basic amino acids that formed the DNA strands that are the programming language of biological forms, the universe has been advancing on a path of increased complexity and diversity.  Biological evolution has lead to the existence of a brain, a complex matrix of cells vibrating in energy patterns that are an imperfect relflection of the universe that the cells can measure and interpret.  As the brain has evolved in complexity, it has achieved the ability to connect with a spiritual realm, perhaps the mind(s) behind the patterns that cast the universe into existence.

As there are biological species, so are their spiritual species, evolving, competing, selecting, through the ages.   Good and Evil, Heaven and Hell, Satan and Jesus, are pillars of opposition casting this war of evolutionary survival into antithetical extremes.  We are born with a physical and biological structure, but our mental and spiritual structures are much more maleable, and the survival of our mental and spiritual forms beyond the survival of the physical forms which contain them for the moment depends upon the spiritual species with which we identify, join, and advance.