No money, no technology, no customers, no market, how can I do?

Everyone in the society wants to be a successful person in the world. Some of them try their best and do what they can do just in order to attain their dreams. I am a game player; I have nothing in my own. Though I am still a student, but the success dream never disappear in my mind. Now I have not money, I have so many working experiences and so on. Only have some Perfect World Gold in my account which is used to play games. Sometimes I even dream of some day all my game gold can become the real money and increment the value than before. But that is still a dream; I do not know whether it will come true.

One day when I was surf on the internet, I saw news said that a boss was famous for its game gold; he is the richest in his game gold. I can not believe this and knead my eyes and looked again. It is true, I was happy to see this because I still have some game gold called Perfect World Silver, if some day I can have so much game gold I will still be famous and then I can use my game gold to earn a lot of money. That is if some one have not any game gold and they have not enough money in their pocket, I can sell my cheap Perfect World Gold to him or her in a lower price. Then I can have some money. I think it is a good idea except when I know my game gold can exchange to real money. I do not need to sell them in a lower price but an equal value. I think my dream can come true one day. I have many hopes in my mind now and full of enthusiasm.

At once, I regard the game as an entertainment in my leisure time. The pw Gold is my tool in the game. But now I will regard them as my career. I want to change my entertainment to the way to my successful in the future.

I will be rich because of the Perfect World money, and from now on, I will not Buy Perfect World Gold, on the other hand, I will try my best to win the game, if that I will not need to buy them again and get much than before.