One for my Xtian mates.... I recently re-read Pauls letters, spurred on by an idea I stumbled over... oy vey. Drudgery at best.. but what they contain is intriguing. The version of Jesus he embraces is more myth than man, why is that? He seems unaware of any detail of Christs life as depicted in the gospels? no mention of  Immaculate conception, virgin birth, Bethlehem, Wise men, Joseph and Mary, Nazareth carpentry, John the baptist, Herod and the slaughter of the innocents, The wedding at Cana, the miracles! Wow. For someone trying to keep alive a new church, based on belief in a miraculous human/God he did not in some 80,000 words find room to mention any of these things. Maybe they had not been invented yet. And his meeting with JC's home boys which should have been a dream come true for him, is so glossed over as to be perfunctory and an obvious later interpolation. His writings (and those under his name which he did not write) constitute the bridge between the supposed recent events, maybe 10 to 20 years before he wrote, and the gospel accounts which came maybe 50 to 100 years after him. A mythical human who conquers death is the version Paul pushes.... not much else, except a peculiar obsession with circumcision?! The Gospels go to pains to emphasize the humanity of Jesus, filling in lots of detail to hook in the reader. One theory is that Paul was writing in code for protection from what was an heretical belief, and that Jesus Christ was a cipher for their belief, no more real than Osiris or Hercules. Maybe the later writers felt thay had to flesh out the human interest part of the myth and constructed a story that they could almost all agree upon. My question is if Paul's Jesus met the Gospel Jesus would they recognise each other?