It's both fascinating & distressing that hardly one seems to tie almost all of our current problems back to overpopulation. It's as if the word "overpopulation" has been erased from the collective psyche of humankind, even though humankind continues to reproduce at an alarmingly prolific rate.

For example: one of the most pressing issues today, global warming, is discussed, dissected & disputed up the wazoo, but in none of the discussions is overpopulation ever cited as a root cause. Obviously, if human activity causes global warming, then more human activity will cause more global warming - or, to put it another way: the more humans there are, the more human activity there is; the more human activity there is, the more global warming there will be.

But no one is willing to discuss the impact of the size of human population in relation to global warming. I'd like to know why.

And it's not just global warming, either - standards of living are eroded by overpopulation, wages are brought down, infrastructures & healthcare are degraded, shortages become more pronounced - for example, the water shortage in California: it's amazing how California is forced to grapple with its water problems every year as its population swells anarchically, and yet, no one seems to even think, "Hey, maybe the size of our population has something to do with our chronic water shortages." Why is that? Is it a deliberate lack of consideration of that aspect of the problem, or is it just plain stupidity?