With a presidential election impending perhaps there is no better time than now to identify, study, and to debate solutions to America's greatest problems than now. I propose that every college in the country set to work to undertake this project and that their efforts not only be used to educate their students, but to build awareness throughout their communities and that town hall meetings and whatever other means possible be created to identify solutions Americans want to see come to pass. With the Internet as a resource, perhaps with this site, and the structure of our colleges and universities being the symbol of our intellectual capital we should seek to gain awareness of the forces that will affect our society and make proactive decisions about what we want from our future. I would call on these learning institutions to seek support and involvement from their alumni for funding and participation too. Let '08 be the Year of the Great Debate! GREAT DEBATE IN '08 GREAT DEBATE IN '08 GREAT DEBATE IN '08 I truly hope that this is more than an idean. I hope that those that see this message will act on it. Please, I truly believe America needs this. Our politicians need our involvement and support, and Americans need to be aware of the tough decisions that must be made and why.