I believe that online window shopping is the key for business communities to compete against online shopping. The community I live in is over 90,000 people and due to previous administration, the shopping districts were allowed to be separated and spread outside city boundaries. This makes it extremely difficult to find products and do a price comparison. Having been internet savy for 13 years (I am middle aged), I decided to check out local businesses online for a digital SLR. Only one store locally, had photos, descriptions and prices online. Prior to this I had used internet resources to find out what kind of cameras were available and their features, prices and reviews. Online shopping has its pluses but one of the negatives is that shipping takes time and the cost can outweigh the price saving. I feel that this is an untapped resource for businesses, considering that people of all ages now use computers. Lastly, websites have to come out of the era of "techy" and come into a more simple, creative, consumer friendly and must closely resemble the "real" business, not exaggerated or less than.