So read the most revolutionary tweet of the day out of Chisnau as the Twitter Revolution called for the Moldovan government to step from power and let freedom reign.

The tag #pman is twitterhand for Piata Marii Adunari Nationale, Chisnau's central square which has been the scene of violent protests in recent days between EU-aligned students and the ruling communist government. Many anti-government actions so far have been coordinated through Twiiter and other social networks.

Journalist and blogger, Natalia Morari, the Anna Politkovskaya of Molodova, wrote that "the organisation was through the internet, and 15,000 people came on to the street." Other reports have been carried over Facebook's Support Moldova page which counts 6,892 fans and details what's on the resistance movement's agenda.

Russia jumped into the fray as well denouncing the protests in a country that, like Georgia, is seen as entirely within the Slavic sphere of influence and which serves as a critical buffer between them and the EU. Russia has particular sympathy for a strip of Moldovan territotry bordering the Ukraine, Transnistria, which has a high population of ethnic Russians.


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