I am strange people in this city which is far away from my hometown so that I often miss it very much when I meet something unhappy in my life. In recent days, I especially miss my hometown where my dear parents live in because the New Year is coming and many people return to their home.

I do not know how to express my missing and I indeed miss it very much that I decide that I will make full use of the runescape gold to set up a hometown in the unreal world of the net game where I can own my sweet hometown. In fact, I have been the player for a few months and do not consider how to finish my will. Without methods, I begin to look for help from other players who may do a favor for me. As I thought before, when I post my idea to the web, a lot of people have answered my message and they show that the idea is very perfect and are willing to adopt their own rs gold to assist me to build that hometown. It is very lucky for me to receive their help in that kind of unreal world because I do not believe that there is true feeling in the game.

Although I get their much gold, the number of runescape money which is the foundation to set up that hometown is not enough. I should have to buy runescape from a famous net company which sells some cheap rs gold with very low price. Perhaps, my idea has brought much influence to the players that they help me to contact that company to hope that it will sell more cheap gold to me. To my surprise, I get plenty of gold from that company and receive a beautiful gift from it.

Therefore, it does not take a long time to finish the dream and a sweet hometown has been set up today and is very popular in the net game that many players come in it to give their best regards to me. So far, it is not necessary for me to return my hometown although I want to do that because I have owned the sweet hometown in the world of the game and many people promise that they will come into it to go through the happy time with me.