My grandparents were part of the greatest generation. They dropped out of elementary school in order to work in the fields and in menial jobs to help their family survive the Great Depression. My grandfather, like thousands of other men bled and fought on foreign soil during WWII. Men and Women, like my grandparents and yours, initially did these heroic deeds that saved and built our country in the name of their immediate survival. But what kept them going, what was the light at the end of the tunnel? For many, if not most of them, it was the hope of the American Dream, the hope that they could create a better life for their children and grandchildren. Bat that is not what their suffering and hard work, their blood and sweat has wrought. Our country, which is built on their bodies and labors, is not one made of the ideals of hard work, bravery and heroism -- but rather from those of greed, deceit and fear. People, instead of embracing and overcoming challenges in their lives and in the country, wish to live off our past accomplishments and economic success, leaching from both the hard work of the past and the potential of the future. The great middle class, the product and descendants of those who built this country from their suffering, is being neglected and abused so the elite can corrupt and abuse the system into their own profit, and so they will need not toil and strive like their fellow man or forbears. One must remember,that suffering is inherent in life, and the greatest freedom is the right to choose what you suffer for. We are allowing that freedom and dignity to be stolen from not only ourselves, but from our children and forefathers.