My Brother looks forward to hunting season, as so does millions of other hunters. He gets up at 3 in the morning, packs uphis guns, his attractants, the feeders, the tree stand, dons his camoflauge, and heads out into the woods to wait and stalk an animal that is simply trying to survive. As a non hunter and a lover of animals, I can not see the joy of destroying a beautiful animal just to cut off its head and mount it to the wall. There is a sadistic, evil pleasure in the murder of animals. I am not a vegan, or a tree hugging nature lover, but I do believe that we should live in harmony. I understand the need for hunting if it is for food, but didn't we stop hunting for food when we came out of the caves and opened a Foodlion?

My Brother argues with me that it is population control, that if they don't go out and shoot these animals they would over breed and suffer from disease and starvation. Then why do you only hunt the biggest most trophy deer, the deer with the most points, why are you not shooting any of them? And what about the elks that live far back in the mountains where no one hunts, what controls them? Oh yeah,that would be that chick we call MOTHER NATURE!

I saw a program once about Gerald Macrany, you know Delta Burks husband and the guy from Simon and Simon, Well they had video of this JERK paying to hunt a wild boar, BUT he didn't hunt it in the wild, NO, he didn't give it a chance, instead it was placed in a chain link fence area about the size of a living room. The "host" of this hunt decided that apparently the Boar still had a chance of getting away so he shot it in the leg, you know cause they are so vicious and Gerald needed an upper hand, Well then this Psycho jumps in the cage with a spear and proceeds to stab this poor boar repeatedly, while the boar is screaming in agony, wack job is yelling and hooting in excitement. They call these dangerous and challenging hunts, Caged hunts, because basiscally if your rich enough, stupid enough, and evil enough, you can hunt anything in a 8x8 cage.

The same goes for Dog fights, Sure I think there should be dog fights, except instead of two dogs, I think the dogs should be pitted against the A**holes who force them to do this. Hand to hand dog to man, That would be a fair fight!

And how about a real hunt? Say the dog fighters and Cage hunters versus say the Navy seals, the navy seals would give the other guys a 15 minute head start.