There is increasing news about the importance of entrepreneurs to the economy, yet lately although a lot of people I had been talking to had some really excellent ideas for starting their own business, they didn't seem to take them forward.

It wasn't just one group of people that had these ideas; they ranged from finance directors and academics, to the electrician that came to rewire my house and a chap who was starting a business in removing house & garden rubble that couldn't get the right people to join him.

On the other hand, my brother and some colleagues had successfully started a consultancy company because they had complimentary skills that they could call upon and they were there for each other to encourage, motivate and bounce ideas about. This led me to thinking what will most help individuals to move from the "great idea" to actually getting out and doing it.

What was needed was not just advice on tax etc, but something that would really move people forward, to grab the chance of starting their own work, business, company - call it what you will. A way to put like minded people in contact at whatever stage they might be. Hence a sort of "dating agency" for business people.

After much research, we launched the Company Partners website, primarily for people to find others in order to start-up a business. With a demand however for inexpensive routes to funding, further extensions of using the site for Investors and companies needing investment, soon followed. The last piece of the jigsaw was adding the ability for established companies, perhaps needing fresh talent to join with the founders, to also become members.

As time goes on, I hope the site will increasingly make a real difference to people's lives and their dreams for achieving a fulfilling work experience.