The rat race, the daily grind that seems to be more and more counsuming our life; longer hours for less pay, the middle class taking a nose dive on numbers, the rich getting richer and the poor poorer.these seem to be the mainstays of our culture; a culture based on aggresive indavidualism(;I.E the egoist way of thought, the way of thought were you beleive that you are better then other people) , capitalism, money and power but is there more to life then just that? Most people you would cross in the streets and ask him and or her that question they would anwser that, yes there is more to life then the rat race, then money, then power, after wards they would walk away, go to there place of work to make money, to buy stuff they dont really need or go home to go watch television that tells them to buy stuff they dont really need. The fact is, there is more  to life then money and power but it is so imbedeed in our culture that we cannot seem to liberate ourselves from it.