The terms "Mobility" and "Learning" are multifaceted concepts which are potentially boundless in meaning. When placed together to form the idea of "mobile-learning" we imply that learning is a fluid and flexible process which involves "movement". This "movement" can be physical (the movement of people) or meta-physical (the movement of ideas). As our societies become more "fluid" and "flexible" through the means of more efficient transportation mediums and information and communication technologies (ICTS) how will this effect the way we engage in and perceive education? in other words: Are we witnessing an evolutionary shift within formal educational systems because we are becoming increasingly more mobile through physical means as well as technologically enhanced methods of learning? Also, how does this impact informal and non-formal learning modalities, too. (I am not limiting this discussion to a "Western" perspective; I am also curious how this applies to LDCs (lessor developed countries (regions). [We are all in a state of development!]