Over the past two decades we saw the growth of huge evangelical churches. Willow Creek and Saddle Back are two that come to mind. They brought innovative ideas to the table. They connected to the people with culturally relevant messages and music. Will that trend change to come back to churches working with small groups? There seems to be a hunger among Christians to be connected. People of all ages can meet in homes and be relationally connected. People can feel more apart of the congregation. In a large church people can get lost in the crowd. I talked with my youth group this week and they love the idea of meeting in homes to study the Bible. It is a safe place we can meet. They also said they will feel more comfortable about praying together. It means recruiting leaders and organizing places to go but I look forward to the challenge. Small groups got me connected to the church I now attend. I hope it is a positive experience for these teens. . Do you see a shift in your area towards small groups? What advantages do you see? What pitfalls have you experienced?