I believe our lives are essentially meaningless.  Void of anything besides are own socially constructed reality based on our inherent senses of perception.  Science has shown that 99.9% of all species that ever existed are now exstinct and I believe humans will eventually perish too.  Considering this, all the abstractions our minds have created and lived by have no inherent value whatsoever.  Objects are assigned meaning and value through our emotions.  Desires to be famous, wealthy, etc. will eventually end with death and make our pursuits of them meaningless.  So, what should we do with out lives?  Even though I believe feelings of happiness, sorrow, hate etc. are chemical reactions in the brain that are a function of our perceptions of things, we have nothing better to do with out lives then to pursue what makes us happy until we meet our inevitable end.

On that note I believe there are two fundamental things that every single human being desires: 1. To be alive, 2. To be happy.  Some would argue that not everyone once to live, look at the phenomena of suicide.  But, I don't believe anybody inherently wants to die.  It is essentially a learned behavior to take your own life when the burdens of your emotions become to much to deal with.  On the second point, I do not believe that anybody can honestly say they want to be sad, that is everyone wants to be happy.  If someone actually claims to want to be sad, that is only becaues they believe the feelings they associate with sadness and sorrow would make them more happy than the feelings of happiness and joy, so fundamentally they just want to be happy even if this is through sadness.  So, while our lives are meaningless in the end, we simply have nothing better to do than to follow our natural impulses to be happy and stay alive.

Since everyone has there own things that make them happy, we can only allow people to choose what they will in their pursuit of it.  I therefore believe that the founding fathers of the United States of America were absolutely brilliant and correct when they stated that everyone has the unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, which as noted above, I believe are fundamental to every single human being regardless, of nation, race, creed, or color.