Recent exhaustive conversations with a devout Catholic friend ended with him defending his take on the modern catholic God, after he'd equivocated on most of the core tenets of that faith, by stating 'God is love'... (and he studied for the priesthood for 7 years!). His erstwhile holy book, mostly speaks of love FOR God as being the desired direction for that emotion. Paul spat it out in Galations as to what our true self is.. 'what the spirit wants is opposed to what our nature wants... human nature shows itself in immoral, filthy and indecent actions'..  The Xtian philosophy has headed down that rocky road ever since, where this human flesh life is worthless and can only be improved by dying. We are trash vessles at best, so get over it.  

I hereby claim love as the greatest ability in the universe for humanity. (apologies to the dolphins!) As god is obviously a man made construct, and a pretty second rate one at that, it's the finest thing we have. It's benefits dwarf what can be found by devoting your life to Isis, Thor, Venus, Jesus, Cats, Jehovah, Cows, Satan, Govinda, Allah, L Ron Hubbard, Darth Vader and any other cult figures. Madison Ave can try to package and sell it, and Hollywood can demean it at every turn. It endures as the best of us. Truly from within.

I have faith in humans, as we've achieved so much, and dry evolutionary biological analysis aside (yes it does make sense to have empathy for survival and, yes we see it in other animal groups).. humans have ratcheted empathy up several degrees to love, clearly our most precious gift, to each other... the sky dudes can look on with jealous (non existant) eyes!

(for BC)