How do you explain the love you have for your children?  I have never been able to come close to a description because it is just so intense.  A love so deep I would do anything, including give my own life.  It is a love that I never felt until I had children.  A love that has made me look at everything I do and hope I do it well enough for them.  This love makes me think about consequences to my actions like never before.  On a bigger scale, makes me hope for a better future for them and what can I do to help that along.

Then I wonder, this love that I feel, is that comparable to what people feel with God?  I don't go to church and I am not knowledgable in the Bible; however, I am a good person and feel that one of the reasons I am alive is to figure out this life of mine.  It is upsetting to think there is so much pressure to decide on a religion or a Godly belief.  It is like telling me to choose just one piece of chocolate...aren't they all good in some way or another?  Why choose, why does one religion get away with thinking they are better than another or if someone doesn't "believe" they are going to Hell.  Why can't it just be OK to believe in something bigger than ourselves...or smaller, like a couple of 3 foot tall, blue eyed kids that love Spiderman and rock 'n roll?

What is bigger than me and the fuel that burns my fire is that love I have for my children.  What if that love was the same I felt for everyone and vise versa, what would life be like then?