As usual, I prefer to wander around in the net game with the latale online gold but I had nothing to do at that time only seeing the monsters were flying around me. Because I had no mood to beat them, I just stayed silent for a long time. Suddenly, a girl who wears a yellow dress attracted my attention but I did not show my regards to her and chose to watch her all the time. Later she noticed me and knew that I was watching at her. Then she sent a message to me and asked me whether I had set the team. I told her no and she began to ask me the reasons for that. I told her that if I set the team with her, she should have enough latale gold and spend most of them but she said that it did not matter because she had enough gold to set the team. Without any excuse, I nodded my head.In the following days, we indeed spent many days and nights to organize that team and she never told me that she was very tired. On the contrary, she was a sunny girl and always brought me a lot of surprise so that I often felt I was the happiest person with her. In my words, she likes a lively angel and shows herself very happy and lively all the time. At the same time, I found she was very simple using only a little latale money to make her very happy. In my deep memory, when she saw that a new player entered the game, she would do them a favor and gave them her own cheap latale gold. On seeing her behaviors, I was always worried about that she would be bam one day, but I did not prohibit her to do that because she had her rules and was not willing to accept my ideas. Maybe, we spent most of time together and wanted to tell her that I had a good feeling to her. So as to show my feeling to her, I must choose a special day to tell her that. In her birthday party, I decided to buy latale online gold as the gift because I understood that she would accept my words for her. As I thought, she agreed to love with me in the rest life. Therefore, we are always around with the love in the unreal world of the game.