In the past few weeks, out of nowhere it struck me. The fabric of humanity and the existence of civilization struck me. To be human we have a few things we need. The physical ones are more obvious. They are: food, water, shelter in some cases. The difficult part for most people to understand is the mental needs. Humans came into existence as, and always will be, animals. We have a need for action, excitement. Peace and rest. With these emotions we were given a 6th sense. -Vision -Sound -Touch -Taste -Smell These are the five most known senses as you will agree and some people think of a sixth sense as the ability to communicate with the dead. I believe the 6th sense is: -Survival/Instinct And in the past, when it was much more needed, in the very beginning of our existence when survival was more challenging, it was honed. Over time, once cities were established, once governments founded, we slowly lost our sence of survival. We've built cities, like dream lands where no danger happens. However if you were to be shot and dumped in a strong river, noone would know who did it. It could happen, its not impossible, but you don't walk around ready for danger all the time. The shooting scenario could be related to one where the teeth of a grizzly are the bullet, or the absence of authority the rivers current. We fear very little and with that, we've lost the NEED to survive. Although some of us could lead others and keep a level head in a disaster, most would be panic stricken and go crazy with anxiety as they never anticipated harm. I understand this is a difficult concept to grasp but consider this. If you lived every day of your life in an undeveloped area never having modern luxuries. A life where small luxuries are appreciated. You would be so much more able to defend yourself or survive dangerous elements because your used to always being ready. Consider all of the apartment buildings, department stores, pawn shops, multi-plex parking garages just vanished. Grass land, forests, woodland, river banks, all these still existed. To most that would be a heavenly view, to our ancestors, it was home.