Dr. Laitman got Big Think intrigued about Kabbalaistic thought today in the studio. But before we could convert, we had to understand a few things about this two thousand-year-old science--especially why Madonna thinks she can be all Kabbalistic all of a sudden.

Dr. Laitman outlined the fundamentals of Kabbalistic ontology and practice during his conversation, but the moment we mentioned Hollywood's fascination with Kabbalah, he came right back down to Earth:"All religions and all belief systems, all kinds of esoterics and mysticism stem from the fact that a person doesn't see the world. If the whole world had been open to us and we could see the full picture of what is happening there would be no room for blind faith." But blind wasn't the way Madonna described her faith in Kabbalah when asked by ITN Music. Rather, since she began her practice of the science she noted "the idea for being responsible for what I say and what I do is something I don't think ever thought about before."