No it's not a new Xtian band... given the amount of esoteric and mystical baggage JC is loaded down with these days, I wonder what is the gap now between literal Xtians and the mystical variety that are happy to post in these pages? Are they just pantheists in Xtian clothing? All 3 monotheisms have these strands of thought, not dissimilar from eastern disciplines and were often contemporaneuos, not post eastern philosophy as sometimes believed. If the Jesus of the Bible is pushed further to the 'east', what is left for the literalists to cling to? a lot of Xtians don't believe in the virgin birth, the miracles, the healings, even the resurrection doesn't seem to be a necessity for some?!  Where does this leave a post modern Xtian, where every angle on Jesus is equal to all the others?

and if they were a band, I think they'd rock like nancy boys!