Peculiar for a holy person Prabhupada is rather negative. How fares his positive to negative statement ratio? And with outstanding remarks about him saying 1. Africans are meant to be slaves 2. women want to be raped & 3. better to slaughter children than put them in non-iskcon schools & many alarming statements warrant the invalidity of his holiness. Further his duplicitious & contradictory behavior, humble & arrogant are also displayed by the leaders of Iskcon warranting the invalidity of their holiness too. Discriminating against fools & rascals - a common slur of his & Iskcon's leaders. Where is his and Iskcon's compassion as they advertise themselves to have? What is his & their legacy amidst a problematic history? On which claims/ventures of their's have they succeeded in delivering? On which have they failed? And the resulting balance? Why does he and Iskcon hype the concept of authority then interpret other religions ie Christianity, and other fields of knowledge such as science, as if they were authorized to? Why are Prabhupada and Iskcon so irresponsible for their acts?