Today the majority of Americans blame Bush and the White House for this war in Iraq. Who are we kidding? Hundreds of thousands of protestors worldwide begged America to refrain from war in weeks leading up to the invasion. We KNEW that UNSCOM was in Iraq, and that they had found no evidence of weapons of mass destruction. Hanz Blix and his team only left Iraq because they were told that the US war planes were coming.

 The reason America invaded Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11 or WMDs. We were angry at a particular Arab and his organization. We went to Afghanistan to find him and couldn't. We didn't quench our thirst for revenge there, and so we looked up an Arab country we had a score to settle with, and blew it to Kingdom Come. Go on youtube and search David Letterman's discussion with Bill O'Reilly. He's the first guy to concede why he supported this war. Deep down, this is why all Americans did.

Was the invasion of Iraq motivated by a racial hatred of Arabs in the aftermath of September 11th?