If you have a good spiritual life, that's great. But lots of folks are hung up on spirituality. Maybe they think it should mean something to them, but it doesn't really. Or maybe they're skeptics, thinking that spirituality is a crock made up by religions. Or maybe they think something's missing from their lives, but don't really know what it is.

 My theory is that everybody has spirituality inside themselves. They can find and confirm this spirituality based on their own experience, not what some book or preacher tells them. This inner spirituality exists in harmony with nature, but is a reality that is not governed by the laws of nature.

 What's more, this spirituality is part of the miracle that is you. This miracle is a precious gift given to every human. Even if we don't know where this gift came from, we can recongize it and cultivate it. And what if we ignore this gift? Some authority figure or greater power is not going to punish us. But we may kick ourselves for letting a wonderful gift go ignored, just as we would if we left a special present to gather dust on a closet shelf. 

So what is this spirituality? How do you know it's real? You don't have to read a book or go on a retreat. Just ask yourself this one question: Do you believe you have free will? That doesn't mean you can do anything just by wishing it. And it doesn't mean that you aren't influenced by all sort of things—your genes, your upbringing, what happened to you yesterday. It just means that every day you face some real choices, and you have the possibility of doing the unexpected. YOU have that choice. YOU are the deciding factor.

In other words, humans are physical animals, but there'e more to it than that. We're not just machines. Our decisions are not all pre-programmed. They are not all predictable; some are actually spontaneous expressions of the human spirit within us.

 What I'm saying may be different from what many religions say, because I'm not talking about God or heavenly rules or having faith. It doesn't matter if you're a mystic or a humanist. It doesn't matter if you're a theist, atheist, or agnostic. But neither is this approach hostile to religion. I'm just saying that there's an easy, but untraditional, way to confirm your own spirituality, and to recognize that each human is blessed with a special gift. And once you've recongized the possibility of a non-physical reality in our physical, scientific world, you're ready to begin your own exploration of what spirituality means to you and to others.