We see english speaking as a grand canyon size discrepency in ability awareness.

In murcia spain or europe for that matter, english speaking has become the NEW MONEY..if you got it ,you have opportunities doors open you are even more attractive (yes). The rich have private bilingual schools like limonar and summers in new york and nannies from alabama .The others?

group classes 3 hrs a week or government schoolswhere they master reading but not conversation. Some nonrich go a year to the states in 11th grade to learn correct proper english .or if they are unemployed they go to verona wisconsin to work a year.

the legal immigrants in murcia from south america africa russia morroco are  worse off. They work 24 7 and cant afford the time to learn english. We in Sistema Native Ingles try to develope ways to connect english learning opps with folks who cant get it the best way possible..native teachers ,conversation from day 1 and schedules that are open free and flexible. How can you help with ideas..

ps forget online learning as many dont have pc internet knowledge of computers. 

steve marcus murcia