Me and an aquaintence of mine recently had an intereseting conversation that got me thinking. (this is gona be a bit of a boon for all you belivers) We were arguing about religion and the subject turned to perception. I said since there is no uniform perception, for instance if we are both looking at a piece of blue paper how can i ever know that you see the same colour i do, we were both taught when we were young when our mother pointed to it and said thats blue but what if you in fact see red and i see orange ( i hope this isnt to convoluted). Or how can i know that the guy who hears voices in his head is crazy and i am sane we bothe just relly on our perception. The same goes for someone who can see or feel something that is not there. He sees it there i dont which one of us is right.

SO if we all rely on our perception, and all sciense also reasons on that perception, what is the standard for reality what makes perception of one more corect the another. And my friend said something very profound in order to have a definete standart of reality there needs to be some sort of diety whos perception is the definition of reality, otherwise you cant really cant really cal the man who sees little deamons runing around insane.

 Now im more prone to think that there is absolutly no standard of reality with reguard to perception, if you perceive it its as reall as anything eles. But what do the rest of you think about this?