Iron-willed  Lady Hillary


White water gate, Trooper gate, Travel gate , Monica Lewinsky gate and you name- it-gate!

She survived! The major and minor media, pundits, pollsters’ Viagra-typed support and “SO YESTERDAY’S”  PREDICTION :She will be finished in NH,  again in February super-Tuesday, again in Texas, Ohio Primaries. She survived! 

With The  buttock –and- brain- reversed and outwitted Strategist, Mark Penn to begin with the  inevitable winner almost become inevitable loser . Plus the jump-ship-minded

Staff ill-advised her to bow out if something happens in Texas or Ohio!

She Survived!! 

She is the Iron-willed  Lady Hillary Clinton,  she has the leadership quality to be the President of United States! She deserves it! Not McCain, not Preacher Obama!