I love debate. As a young man I tend to debate with older age groups. A reoccuring issue is the fact that I am young. My ideal on this is simple. I may have only been around for a 4rt of your life but I have used that time in the pursuit of knowledge. As experiance has a large part to play in life I find most offten that when I present a case with valid points the older age groups in an attempt to counter me instead of agree that my case is logical pull the age card. I am tired of this. Why is it that older age groups when proven wrong cant just suck up there pride and begin to think on the newly formed path of logic. My argument is simple. I belive that the difference between Inteligence and Wisdom is simple. Inteligence is the abbility to learn quickly and retain that knowledge. Where as Wisdom is the amount of knowledge retained during past experiances and discoverys. I would like to know what other intelects belive of this hypothesis.